Why Buy an Electric Bike?

What is an ebike?

An ebike (electric bike) is like a normal bicycle but it has a battery driven motor that assists you when pedalling. This makes cycling much easier because you have to expend far less effort when pedalling.

Ebikes are relatively new to the UK and the popularity of these power assisted bikes has been incredible. It's easy to understand why so many cyclists are switching to ebikes when you consider how easy and effortless riding your bike becomes. With your standard pedalling power increased by the assistance of the electric motor you find that you cover the ground very quickly without expending a lot of effort...and cycling up hills becomes an absolute joy. ebikes really are that good.

So why haven't ebikes been around for much longer? Battery technology has advanced over the past few years to make ebikes both possible and affordable. Not only are the bike batteries quick and easy to charge, they will now give up to 90km cycling on a single charge. Advanced battery technology also means that batteries are lighter and smaller which makes them ideal for ebikes.

Now for the science and technology lesson. If you want to know more about ebikes technology then read on. Of course, the technology varies from ebike to ebike, depending upon the specification (you can find details on the website against each ebike), but in general we can think about the battery, motor and overall design of the frame and components.

Ebikes use lithium batteries which are designed for long life, fast charging and giving good power output over a prolonged period of time. When used on ebikes, this means that they take only a few hours to fully charge, and on a full charge can provide powered pedalling assistance for up to 90km. The other advantage of this new generation battery is that at under 3kg they are very lightweight compared to the first generation ebike batteries that were around only a couple of years ago.

Ebike motor technology has also developed considerably over a short period of time. The latest electric motors that have been developed for ebikes are small and lightweight (typically less than 5kg). This means that they can be integrated into the bike design such that the motor fits into the wheel hub, making it extremely discreet. In fact on many of the ebikes that we stock, the combination of integrated batteries in the frame and integrated motors in the hub make it difficult to tell an ebike from a normal bicycle. The other development in ebike motors that's worth noting is the introduction of "brushless" motor technology which results in minimum noise and heat emission. The amount of assistance that the motor gives the rider when pedalling is determined by the monitor controller that is positoned on the handlebar. If you want maximum assistance then set the control to maximum and you'll get the full benefit of electric power on your ebike. Alternatively, you can turn off the assistance via the control monitor and use your ebike as a normal bicycle.

When you take a look at the ebike specifications on our website, you'll also see that they use the same high quality components as equivalent traditional bikes. For example, many of the ebikes have Suntour forks, Shimano gearsets, Continental tyres and so on. All in all, the specification of the ebikes, coupled with the power technology makes our range of electric bikes the best in the UK.
Why buy an an Electric Bike?

Why buy an an Electric Bike?

Every person that buys an ebike from Electric Bike Factory has their own personal reasons, from getting fit, saving money, or finding a new way to spend their weekends. If you're still trying to decide whether an ebike is for you, then here are a few reasons why everyone should own an electric bike.

Cycling Made Easy - ebikes for the masses
Ebikes make cycling so much easier. We've all passed cyclists in our cars as they struggle to make it to the top of the hill. In most cases this vision acts as a disincentive to get on our own bikes simply because it looks so uncomfortable and such hard work. Ebikes are helping to change this - the electric power generated from the lithium battery gives huge assistance when pedalling, even up a hill, so it's now far easier to get to where you want to be by pedal power.

Ideal Commuting Transport - ebikes for city living
We all love driving to and from work don't we? Well...no. For most of us it's the worst part of the day. We all know that traffic congestion is a problem, that public transport doesn't always suit our needs and traditional cycles leave us hot and bothered by the time we've reached our destination. Ebikes finally provide a practical solution of replacing the car on the commute to work. The power assistance generated when pedalling means that you get the advantages of a normal bike (so no queues) and you get where you want to be fast and without expending a lot of effort. If you go for a folding ebike then you'll also find that it can be easily stored away. You also escape congestion charging which brings us onto the next topic of how ebikes help to save you money.

Save Money - ebikes for the purse strings
It's fairly easy to do the sums to show that an ebike makes for a wise investment. There are a number of ways in which ebikes will save you money, such as:
- Reduced fuel costs
- No road tax (vehicle excise duty) because ebikes are exempt
- No congestion charges
- No public transport fares to pay

In actual fact, when you really think about it, there are lots more ways that an electric bike will help you to save money. It becomes clear pretty quickly that you'll recoup the investment in an ebike in a relatively short space of time, and you'll get all of the other advantages of ownership that are listed here.

Get Fit and Stay Fit - ebikes for a healthy lifestyle
Most of know that we need to be fitter and healthier. For those of us who prefer to cycle to gain fitness there's often the feeling that it's just too much like hard work. After all, cycling for any distance does take a considerable amount of effort and the thought of cycling up a steep hill is enough to convince most people to think again before taking out their bike. The ebike is helping to change this. Because of the assisted power that is given when pedalling, cycling is now much easier. This doesn't mean that you're not working your cardio and muscular systems when cycling on an ebike, because you do. It's just that it makes it easier to cycle and that you can expend as much or as little effort as you like by adjusting the amount of assistance that the motor is giving. So, after pedalling with minimal assistance on the flat bits, you can get extra power when riding up a hill. Not only is this an extremely practical and efficient way of managing how you get fit, it's also great to watch the faces of passers by as you effortlessly glide up hill on your bike!!

Reduce C02 emissions - ebikes for the environment
A study by the European Cyclists Federation (ECF) concludes that if, all European citizens cycled 5km a day, the EU would reach 50% of the targeted reduction of CO2 emissions from transport, which is 80-95% compared to 1990 levels.

According to recent reports on the evolution of the transportation industry in Europe, the EU will not achieve the targeted 60% reduction of transport emissions between 1990 and 2050 a drop in CO2 emissions from 771 million to 308 million tonnes.

However, ECF experts claim that, if citizens in all 27 EU countries were to cycle as much as the Danes in 2000 (an average of 2.6km a day), this would help Europe meet 26% of the targeted GHG emission reduction for the transport sector by 2050.

Cycle 5km a day and we’ll reach 50% of the target, notes the author Benoit Blondel, ECF Environment and Health Policy Officer. With these words, he points at the importance of bikes in the reduction of GHG emissions.

Ebikes have CO2 emissions in the same range as ordinary bicycles, that is, ten times less than motor vehicles. Considering ebikes allow for 56% longer daily commutes and substitute the car in 39% trips, they have a huge potential to significantly reduce transport emissions.