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Which bike to choose?

We've ridden and tested all of the electric bikes on our website so we know that they're good quality and offer excellent value for money. However, there are certain bikes that stand out and we've listed these below.
Best Bike Under £700 - Cyclotricity Revolver

Best Bike Under £750 - Cyclotricity Revolver

What's not to like about the Cyclotricity Revolver? For an electric bike under £750 it has more features than you'd expect - a powerful 250w motor, 3 levels of pedal assistance which ensures you'll be able to tackle the steepest of hills, lights, pannier rack and mudguards are all included.

It has pretty much everything that you need and is ideal for roads, towpaths, tracks and trails. It's a good, comfortable bike that is usuable all year round and never fails to put a smile on your face as you ride along.

We're also more than happy to customise the bike for you - a number of our customers have chosen to upgrade the pedal assistance display, the bike gears or opted for a rear 250w motor to replace the front. Whatever you need we can usually accomodate.
Best Folding Bike

Best Folding Bike

There are lots of folding electric bike out there, but find a really good one can be difficult. Fortunately the Legend Monza is here to save the day. It's not the cheapest that you'll find but it's the best value for money folding bike around.

The specification of the Monza is excellent, with hydraulic disc brakes, an integrated battery, lights controlled from the handlebars and compatability with the eBikeMotion App all coming as standard.

The puncture resistant Schwalbe tyres are a nice addition and they also add to the comfort of the ride.

When folded it will fit into the boot of almost any car and the battery can be removed from the bike when you're lifting it to reduce the weight. This versatility adds to the overall packae of what is a really great folding electric bike.

We could have picked the Legend Siena as the star of this category as this is also an excellent bike. However, the integrated battery and excellent weight distribution of the Monza give it the edge and as a result this is our favourite folding electric bike.

Best Step Through Bike - Emu Step Through

Best Step Through Bike - Emu Step Through

If you're looking for a step though bike that is easy to get on and off then look no further than the Emu Step Through electric bike. It's a fantastic electric bike that utilises all of the best components available.

The quality of the bike is exceptional and it's also incredibly easy to use. One of the main things that customers say to us is that they don't really understand how to use their gears - this is nothing to do with the electric part of the bike but changing gear is still essential if you're going to get maximum enjoyment from your bike. The Emu bikes have hub gears which are very simple to use - this in itself transforms the bike and makes it stand out from the rest if you're looking for a low maintenance, easy to live with electric bike.

The hub motor gives more than enough power and the Samsung battery is one of the best available. All in all this is a super bike and without doubt the best step through bike we've seen.
Best Mountain Bike - Legend Etna

Best Mountain Bike - Legend Etna

The best recommendation that we can give with the Legend Etna is that, after a long day in the workshop, if we need to cycle home this is the bike we choose. It's a really nice bike to ride and, although technically a mountain bike, is equally comfortable on roads and trails.

It has full suspension, so soaks up the undulations in the road surface with ease and the hydraulic brakes give a sure feel when you need to stop in a hurry. It's also quite unusual for an electric bike in that it has 30 gears so is easy to use without the power - some bikes have fewer gears and the assumption is that you'll use the electric assist all of the time. If you only want to use the power some of the time then the more gears you have the better.

The battery is hidden in the frame of the bike so it's not obvious that you're riding an electric bike. It also folds, so if space and storage is an issue then this bike ticks that box too!
Best Dual Power Bike - Legend Etna 500w

Best Dual Power Bike - Legend Etna 500w

The Legend Etna Dual Power electric bike is an amazing piece of kit. The bike itself has a great specification, like hydraulic brakes, full suspension and 30 gears included as standard, and then you factor in the 48v 500w mode. The whole package is superb and the quality of the bike and components is top notch.

The Etna Dual Power has 2 modes - the 250w mode is for legal road use and the 500w mode is for maximum enjoyment offroad.

The reason for buying an Etna Dual Power is for the 500w offroad mode. If you're only going to be using the bike on the road then this isn't for you. If you do go offroad and want to reach speeds approaching 30mph then this is the bike for you.

The accelleration in 500w mode is quite incredible, especially when you have the assistance level set to maximum. Before you know it you're at 20mph and still accellerating.

Because of the geared motor the bike is also relatively lightweight and still very usable in 250w mode.