Our Range Of Folding Electric Bikes In Guildford

Looking for the perfect electric bike to take on holiday?

The main reason to invest in a folding bike is obviously convenience. It can easily be transported on a train or the back of a vehicle without any need to strap it to the back.

Combined with electric power, this type of bike offers the ultimate in portability and usability. This makes it ideal for simplifying your commute, taking a bike on holiday and a wide range of other applications.

If you’re looking to buy a folding electric bike in Guildford, simply come along to Electric Bike Factory or have a browse on our website.

We have a huge range of electric bikes to choose from including the folding variety.

Among our range is the E-Go Lite+ Folding Bike which is available in satin black, gloss red or metallic white. This bike is ideal for people who want the versatility of a larger but still compact 7-speed folding bike.

Since folding bikes are easier to store away, they are much less likely to be stolen or go missing.

Based in Guildford, our shop is found on Woodbridge Hill and attracts people from all over the local area. However, we also make ordering online extremely quick and easy.

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