Explore Our Collection Of Electric Mountain Bikes

Looking to invest in an electric mountain bike that can help you tackle even the steepest hills?

Electric Bike Factory can find your dream bike this summer. Exercising and reconnecting with the great outdoors has never been more important than during the current crisis, with so many people stuck indoors going stir-crazy.

Investing in a bike is a great way to encourage you to get out there, exploring the natural world, with cycling proven to be great for your physical and mental health. No matter your current fitness level, an electric bike can be adjusted to suit you.

Many people new to electric bikes don’t realise how many there are to choose from- that’s why Electric Bike Factory has created an easy-to-use guide to help you find the right bike for you.

Among our selections are the finest quality electric mountain bikes that are ideal for tackling those tougher terrains.

Our quality electric mountain bikes are ideal for getting off the beaten track. These can not only help you get up those precipitous hills but help you to build up lost speed on tricky obstacles and tight bends.

They tend to have chunky tyres, suspension forks, good frame ground clearance and either 26 inch, 27.5-inch or 29-inch wheels.

While a standard mountain bike has gearing which is designed for climbing steep hills, an electric mountain bike, more often than not, has gearing which is altered to allow the motor to do the work instead. 

For more information, simply explore our range of electric mountain bikes today.