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Mens 5K Waterproof/Breathable Driven Trousers

Mens 5K Waterproof/Breathable Driven Trousers

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Mens 5K Waterproof/Breathable Driven Trousers

Technical waterproof cycle trousers for both road or off-road cycling and commuting.

Made from a waterproof/breathable fabric with a mesh liner and fully taped seams, the Driven keep the rider both dry and comfortable in the rain. A half elastic waist and Velcro leg adjusters ensure a good fit and prevent uncomfortable drafts. Ankle zips make for easy removal over shoes or even boots. Highly durable, Driven trousers are ideal for riding off road but their cut also means they’ll be good for many miles on the road. They also have an attractive casual fit for off-the-bike wear and can even be used as over-trousers.

Key Features:
* Waterproof and breathable fabric with mesh liner - keeps rider dry and comfortable.
* Taped seams - fully waterproofed.
* Durable - tough enough for road and off road use.
* Velcro adjusters - for a close, draft-free fit.
* Ankle zips - for easy removal.
* Reflective detailing - front and back for safety.

The ratings given to waterproof/breathable outerwear indicate the degree to which they keep moisture from entering the fabric (the first number) and the degree to which they allow vapour and heat to pass through from the inside (the second number). The two ratings will always complement each other, if an item of clothing was completely breathable it wouldn’t be waterproof and vice versa. Therefore if the garment is both waterproof and breathable, great care is taken to find a harmonious balance between the two.

Waterproof Ratings

In order for a jacket, trouser or shorts to be considered waterproof in the outdoor industry, in particular the cycling industry, it must be rated at 5K or higher. Anything below 5K falls into the realms of being water-resistant and not waterproof. The waterproofness is measured by the amount of water pressure the fabric can withstand before the moisture begins to force its way through it. The waterproof rating of 5K (or remember it also means 5,000mm) really refers to a lab test. In order to come up with these ratings clothing manufacturers test their fabric based on how much water one square inch of fabric can hold without leaking in a 24 hour period. For example: if a fabric has a 5K waterproof rating, this means it held out 5,000 mm of water in one 24 hour period without leaking.

Breathability Ratings

The breathability of an item of clothing is the measurement of how much moisture vapour can escape from it. By being breathable it allows perspiration to be moved away from the body, transmitted through the material and allowed to escape. The breathability is measured by calculating how many thousands (k) of grams of vapour per square metre of material (g/m2) is allowed to be transmitted from the inside of the garment to the outside in a 24 hour period. So if an item of clothing is marked as having 5K breathability, the fabric would allow 5000g of vapour to be transmitted through the fabric across one square metre over 24 hours.