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Legend Etna Folding Electric Bike - Dual Power

Legend Etna Folding Electric Bike - Dual Power

Our Price: 1699
All options available for this bike are listed here. An explanation of these options is included below in the Summary section.

Battery Size

Summary of the Legend Etna Folding Electric Bike - Dual Power

Just imagine how far you could get with this MTB FS electric with 27.5 in wheels. Equipped with hydraulic brakes, Shimano 30-speed transmission, KS A5 rear air suspension and USB connection. It is also foldable for easier transportation. Thanks to the ebikemotion technology our motor controller consumes between 15% and 20% less than our competitors.

Now think about having a 500w mode to use offroad which is what this bike offers. It really is an amazing package to have a high specification bike with the ulimate in electric bike performance. The Dual Power Etna runs on a 48v system.

Smart eBikes
All the Legend 2018 models use the Ebikemotion Technology and the SMART CONTROL Controller. With new MOSFET technology and high efficiency algorithms, our motor controller consumes between 15% and 20% less than our competitors, meaning you'll get more miles per charge

Bike Control
The bike has integrated pedal assistance that will power you along as you pedal. You can choose the level of power that the motor is giving you whilst you cycle - there are 4 levels of power to choose from and these can be selected at any time whilst you are riding. So, when you reach a hill or a strong headwind, you can select a higher power mode to give you more assistance. This control is via a panel, called a joystick, that is situated on the handlebars. This joystick gives you an on/off button, up and down buttons for power control, a battery level indictor and an indicator of which power mode you are in. It's very simple to use in this form. However, if you want something more hi-tech then this can also be accommodated with the App (see below).

App Control (eBikeMotion)
As described above the bike can be used with the joystick to give you all of the features you'll need for a great ride. However, if technology is your thing then you can connect the bike to you SmartPhone via an App. This gives you access to a host of information including a visual readout of the joystick information, your speed, incline and even a Sat Nav to help you find where you're going to. The 5-button joystick allows you to control assistance levels, walk mode, eBike lights (where fitted) and also the APP itself, with ZOOM functions on maps, movement through them, screen change, activation of voice status notifications, and more. The brochure can be downloaded via the Downloads section below.

Dual Power
The Etna Dual power bike has both 250w and 500w modes. The 250w mode is for on road use and the 500w mode can be selected when offroad. Selection of the modes is via the App which you will need to have on your phone - it's very simple to set up and to change between modes. Because the Etna has a geared motor the bike remains close to the weight of the 250w model and has none of the drawbacks of direct drive motors - this means it's still great to ride in the low power modes or even with the power turned off.

All terrain
The ETNA Legend is designed for everyday use on any type of terrain, is comfortable in urban surroundings and solid in nature. It has MAXXIS PACE 27.5in x 2.10 covers and a KS A5 AIR suspension designed for mixed use.

Folding ebike
Ideal for storing in small spaces, in the room, in the office, in the elevator, in the public transport or in the car.

Adjustable handlebar
Choose the most comfortable position to pedal thanks to its telescopic handlebar that allows you to adjust its height.

Battery Options
48V 10.4Ah Sanyo-Panasonic: approx 45 miles per charge (250w mode)

Hydraulic disc brakes as standard.

3 x 10 shifters meaning that the bike is ideal for use without the electric power too!

USB connection
Simple but useful, the USB connection will allow you to recharge your electronic devices when you need it most.

Warranty and technical service
All our Legend models come with a 2-year warranty (battery included)

The following options are available with this bike:
  • Colour - This bike has a range of colours for you to choose from

Specification of the Legend Etna Folding Electric Bike - Dual Power

Electric Specification:
Motor: 500W GEARED 1:5 Ratio 70Nm
Battery: 36V 10.4Ah Sanyo-Panasonic or 36V 14Ah Panasonic

Controller: SCU* by Ebikemotion tech
Joystick: Bluetooth SCI* by Ebikemotion

Sensor: 32 pulses BB integrated speed
USB: Yes

Frame: Aluminum 6061 T6 Folding FS
Front Fork: Rockshox XC 30
Brakes: Hydraulic disc Shimano M315
Tyres: Maxxis 27.5in
Gears: 30 speed (3 x 10) with rapid fire shifters

Warranty: 2 year warranty including battery

Do you have a question about the Legend Etna Folding Electric Bike - Dual Power?

If you can't find the answer that you're looking for below then please click here and ask us a question. If we're online we'll give you an answer immediately, otherwise we'll try our best to respond on the same working day.

Questions about this bike: Legend Etna Folding Electric Bike - Dual Power

Q. Should I buy the 250w or 500w version of this bike?
A. If you want outright speed then the 500w version is a good option, but for range and general purpose cycling the 250w option is the best one to choose.

Q. Where's the battery?
A. The battery is housed in the frame - unless you look closely you wouldn't know that this was an electric bike. Imagine how impressive it will look as you sail by those cyclists on their roadbikes!

Q. Is this bike suitable for towpaths?
A. Yes. It's a mountain bike so it's fine for roads, towpaths and trails.

Q. Is it easy to use - I don't want anything complicated!
A. All of the electric control is via a display on the handlebars. The display is called the joystick and it has the buttons that you need to turn the bike on and off, and also buttons to increase or decrease the power level whilst you're cycling. It really is that simple. If you're reading this and thinking it may be too simple and that you want more technology then the bike also caters for you as you can connect the bike via Bluetooth to your Smartphone via the EbikeMotion app.

Q. Is this full suspension and folding?
A. Yes...and don't forget it's electric too. Amazing how they've fitted so much in isn't it?

Q. What are the battery options?
A. The Etna Dual Power has a 48v 10.4aH battery

Q. Is it worth having the hydraulic brakes?
A. It's not essential but it makes a huge difference to stopping power when compared with cable operated brakes. Hydraulic brakes give a more positive feel and as a result you'll feel more confident when riding and braking.

Q. Why does the bike need 30 gears?
A. It's true that 30 gears is a lot and most people, even on standard bikes, only use a few of the gears available. However what it does mean is that you can use the bike as a normal, non assisted bike if you want to - you'll have enough gear ratios to cope with different terrain even without the power. When you do use the power then you'll only use a few of the gears. Essetially the benefit of having 30 gears is the flexibility to use the bike in all eventualities.

Questions about 500w Mode

Q. Is this legal in the UK?
A. You can legally ride on the road when in 250w mode. When 500w mode is selected you can't ride on the road.

Q. How do I select 500w mode?
A. This is done via the eBikeMotion App that you will need to have on your Smartphone. It's simple to do.

Q. Where can I find instructions on how to choose the mode?
A. You will need to sign the Derestriction agreement and return it to us. We can then send you instructions on how to select the mode.

Q. Where do I find the Derestriction agreement form and where do I send it?
A. The form is in the Download section for this bike. The form tells you where to email or post your signed copy.

Q. Is it possible to restrict the mode down to 250w again?
A. Yes. You can toggle between modes at any time.

General Questions

Q. I want to pedal but need a bit of help, especially on the hills. Will this bike help me?
A. Yes. The bike has a pedal assistance system so the motor will work with you whilst you pedal. The display that is mounted on the handlebar will then allow you to choose the level of assistance that the motor is giving you. So, when you reach a hill, you can press the button on the display to increase the level of power. The motors are 250w which is more than enough power for even the steepest of hills.

Q. I want to cycle to work but it's all up hill - will this bike be suitable to assist me?
A. Yes. As above, you can use the pedal assistance system to select the amount of power that the motor is giving you. Incidentally, when you cycle home (downhill) you can turn the system off and use your bike as normal.

Q. Can I take the bike out in the rain?
A. Yes. You can take the bike out when its raining without having to worry. The connectors on the bike are waterproof; as is the motor; battery and all ancillary components. However, dont submerge the bike in water although were not sure why youd want to anyway.

Q. Can I remove the battery for security?
A. Yes. All batteries can be locked onto the bike or unlocked and removed. Two keys are provided that will only fit that bike.

Q. Can I use the bike as a normal bike as well as an electric bike?
A. Yes. You can turn the electric system off at any time and just ride as normal.

Q. Do you have a bike that I can try?
A. Yes. We have various pre-assembled electric bikes at our showroom in Stoke on Trent and youre more than welcome to try any of these. Were located on an industrial estate which is relatively quiet and has a hill next to it where you can try the electric power. In almost all cases our customers whove taken this test ride option return to us with a huge grin and cries of I cant believe the difference it makes.

Here's what some of our customers say about us.

"Thank-you again for sorting my Hopper bike used it today for the commute to work. Ran very smoothly left one of my young work colleagues "eating my dust" as I flew past him on his pushbike"
- Cath, Stafford

"I thought that you like to know that I did my test ride today, 39miles, 2300 plus ft of ascent and I flew up the hills. It was as though my legs were suddenly 15 years younger. I'm really chuffed!"
- Keith, Shropshire

"Just a quick line to say I used my newly converted bike to work and back yesterday what a joy ! The whole experience was absolutely brilliant; I never thought I would get to the top of the hills laughing out loud. I managed to iron out all of the hilly bits and the difference it took in time and effort was beyond all of my expectations"
- Andrew, W.Mids

"Many thanks for fixing the recent problem like most things so simple to put right. The fitting of the electric conversion went very well and I am delighted with the results. I will give the bike more of a run when it stops raining !! You can count me as another satisfied customer"
- Bernard

"Just to let you know I tried out the wheelchair trike yesterday for about one and a half hours and it was great. It was as fast as the previous set up and still a lot of power left in the battery. So from a very satisfied customer thank you very much"
- Derrick, South Wales

"Wanted to wait till I'd been using the bike for a time before letting you know how I was getting on. Having Fun riding into and out of (up hill) work again! Still getting a good workout, but looking forward to it at end of day rather than it being a bit of a thought. Obviously, my one concern would be if it would be powerful enough to cope with my steepest hill on the way home. Thanks for your advice - breezes up no problem. As an added bonus, I feel much safer in the urban sections of my route as I can accelerate away out of any potential danger. Thanks again - thoroughly enjoying my cycling again."
- David, Glasgow

"The electric motor is great and I can now get out and do some of my favourite runs again. I was diagnosed with a serious lung disease last year which has curtailed my cycling but no more. I did 17.5 miles the other day up hill and down dale brilliant"
- Frank

"Well had my maiden voyage yesterday and it was fantastic, such a difference on these brutal hills. I am trying to still have a good workout but I know that help is there when needed. I no longer have the dreaded feeling to get up and go to face the hills"
- Rose, France

"It's now about a month since you converted my bike to an electric dream machine and I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with what you have done. It has been a thorough joy to ride the bike, and despite the bad weather and the various aches and pains my aged and infirm body is subject to, I have been pedalling away like a man a third my age. I have been singing your praises to anyone who'll listen (and even some who stubbornly don't listen)"
- Jacek, Nottingham

"Just to say a very well deserved thank you for all the help fast responses you have given me. The kit is now fitted to my Marin stinson bike and is every thing and more I hoped it would be. Fitting was as you said simple even for me a 68 year old worn out being. A pleasure to do business with not only your company but someone as helpful polite and efficient as you. Thanks"
- Alan, Norfolk

"We cycled just over 100 miles whilst we were away and the electric kit worked a dream on a mixture of terrain. It has made tandeming much more enjoyable (mainly the hills), we didn't have to get off and walk once!!! Many thanks"
- John, Northampton

"I've now done 5000 miles since my bike was converted - it's been brilliant!"
- John, Leeds

"Thanks for converting both of our bikes - they've both been fantastic on the hills where we live"
- John, Staffordshire

"We received the conversion kit which my husband fitted to a Ridgeback bike which we had bought for this purpose. I still wanted to have the 21 gears as I like to be able to pedal myself quite a bit too. Well its stunning, and so easy to use. It was a birthday present for my 60th with the idea that this could be a way forward to help us keep cycling together for many a more year!! And it will. Thank you. Thank you too for all your help in answering our questions and with the fitting of the kit. I could keep up with Dave on the flat, but would just fall back very quickly on the hills in the Lake District or anywhere. Not now, I had to stop and wait for him"
- Gill and Dave, Cumbria

"Just a quick note of thanks for the conversions. Both bikes have been put through their paces on the Norfolk 'hills' and are absolutely amazing. "
- Geoff, Norfolk

"Just like to say how pleased I am with your service and the quality of the kit supplied by you. It arrived the next day and it is fitted and has transformed the bike the instructions very clear."
- Stuart, Hayling Island

"I've been meaning to drop you an email thanking you for converting my Cube to electric. I've now managed a few rides on it and it brings a smile every time I'm out on it as the miles roll by and I am now tackling routes I would have previously avoided."
- Neil, Keele

"Thanks again for converting our bikes so quickly. We did a 16 mile ride in just over 2hrs normally it would have taken us over 4hrs. We are both very pleased with the way the bikes performed and once again many thanks"
- Ivor and Jacqui, Runcorn

"Just want to say a thanks for converting my bike, it works a treat! I got to work this morning feel great, its made things so much easier!"
- Mark, Wakefield

"I had a most enjoyable ride yesterday on my new electric bike, I was really pleased at the way it performed. I left my husband behind on the hills for the first time. Looking forward to many more of them. Many thanks for all your help"
- Val and Derek, Derbyshire

"Have fitted bike kit & very pleased. The pedal assist is great I highly recommend your conversion. Thank you for your help"
- Gordon, Manchester

"Spot on, had a brilliant ride this morning , recomend the system to anyone, thanks again."
- Pete, W Mids

"My bike parts arrived today. After 2.....3 hours work I had it all fitted, charged and out for a test ride. It's back on charge now. Big smile on my face, so thank you. Question - what do I do with my bus pass now?"
- Les (65), Yorkshire

"Delighted with bike have ridden 200 miles averaging 25 miles per charge thank you"
- Steve, Shropshire

"Kit turned up Saturday, fitted really well and worked really well thanks"
- Andy, Surrey

"Once again, many thanks for all your help and communication it has been a pleasure to deal with you"
- Andy, Chester

"Great service, many thanks."
- Andy, Spain

"Well , the kit works a treat! Now the hills of Exmoor have no limits! It's a great sense of freedom not to have to look too closely at the contours and just go wherever"
- Chris, Exmoor

"Thanks too for all your help with my questions on the kit! Cant wait to get it fitted"
- Anthony, Stevenage

"It's great to be able to phone you when I have a query"
- Gary, Notts

"10 out of 10 mate realy good job"
- Pete, Wolverhampton

"Thank you for converting our bikes in time for our Summer holiday. We've ridden over 250 miles and enjoyed every minute. We've told all our friends about your company"
- John, Bury

"Thought I'd let you know bike arrived OK as promised, nicely protected and looking good. Been out twice and everything working well, glad I decided to go with the Pedelec it really makes the conversion. Thanks for your attention to my requirements"
- Brian, Cumbria

"Outstanding, thanks"
- Peter, Kent

"Brilliant job very pleased been out in the lovely weather on my bike, now starting to get some exercise. The bike was just going to waste before your work on it. Thanks a lot, very pleased."
- Terry, Liverpool

"The conversion has changed our holidays forever - thankyou"
- Sue, Stoke on Trent

"Thanks for your prompt support - kit installed and working well"
- George, Basingstoke

"just completed conversion and am delighted with results great job even better than i thought just after a 25 mile run great. I will be passing on electric- bike-conversions to all my friends"
Tom, N.Ireland

"I have fitted the kit and tested the bike 20 km mostly uphill. Works fine. I am happy so far..."
Lars, Sweden

"Thanks for your time and patience in answering all of my questions - it's been a pleasure dealing with you"
- Arthur, Bournemouth

"Bike going well and have managed a 27 mile run today"
- Phil, The Lakes

"Just to let you know it works really well. I have tried it out on a long and very steep Pennine road and it was great. That was on low power and I still flew up the hill. Really pleased with it. Thanks again"
- Maria, Manchester

"I'm so pleased I decided to have a bike converted - it fits me perfectly and it's a joy to cycle to work"
Ann, Stoke on Trent

"Kit arrived as promised. Fitted on Saturday, 35 miles on Sunday, huge smile for the rest of the week. I thought my cycling days had long gone but this has given me a new lease of life. I can't thank you enough"
- Jim, Carlisle

"Superb. Thank you so much for converting my bike for me. I can cycle up hills like never before. Thanks again."
- Jane, Stockport

"I can't believe the difference on hills. I don't have to get off and push anymore."
Bev, Stafford

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